TELUS APN settings for HP Pro Slate 8

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HP Pro Slate 8 does not support TELUS GSM / HSPA at this time.

Explain HP Pro Slate 8 compatibility with TELUS

TELUS 3G APN with HP Pro Slate 8

HP Pro Slate 8 does not support TELUS 3G.

Sorry, but it does not look like HP Pro Slate 8 will work on TELUS. But please note that the compatibility of HP Pro Slate 8 with TELUS, or the TELUS network support on HP Pro Slate 8 we have explained here is only a technical specification match between HP Pro Slate 8 and TELUS network. Even HP Pro Slate 8 is listed as not compatible here, still TELUS network can allow (rarely) HP Pro Slate 8 in their network with special agreements made between TELUS and HP. Therefore, this only explains if the commonly available versions of HP Pro Slate 8 will work properly on TELUS or not, if so in which bands HP Pro Slate 8 will work on TELUS and the network performance between TELUS and HP Pro Slate 8. To check if HP Pro Slate 8 is really allowed in TELUS network please contact TELUS support. Do not use this website to decide to buy HP Pro Slate 8 to use on TELUS.

HP Pro Slate 8 network specifications

OS Android OS, v4.4.4 (KitKat)
Network bands GSM / HSPA
Speed HSPA
Network frequencies GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
HSDPA 2100

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HP Pro Slate 8
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David Dawkins
David Dawkins
@TELUS @jkenney Digging up my yard and tossing an empty pipe in the hole provides access to bugger all. Telus fail
Nicole Karam Eltom
Nicole Karam Eltom
RT @beaudrm2: Great presentation from TELUS at BRMConnect 2019 and how they leverage the practice to advance relationships and trust.
Jacquelyn Reynolds
Jacquelyn Reynolds
@TELUSsupport I no longer get those channels since I moved and TELUS changed the channels in the packages